Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Thailand MIKE Awards below.

Who should apply to the Thailand Mike Awards?

We understand that different organizations might be at a different maturity stage of their KM and Innovation journey. Consequently 3 national MIKE award levels will be granted in Thailand: Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. Gold Award winners will be eligible to compete for the Global MIKE Award (12 countries)

5 categories of the MIKE Award are available in Thailand to respond to different organizations objectives and capabilities:

Large private organizations
Government organizations
State Enterprise Companies
Associations, Institutions and non-profits
SMEs and Startups

How do we apply to the Thailand MIKE Awards

Download the various application forms and submit your application before June 30th 2021. The application fee for the Thailand MIKE Award is 15,000 THB (+ 7% Vat).

Selected Thai MIKE Award Gold Winners can apply for the Global MIKE Award by October 1st 2021. (Additional fees will apply)

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